Substrate refers to the material that is put at the base of the housing or the enclosure for your anole. The substrate provided should mimic the natural environment which the anole I used to and lives in. having the right substrate for your pet ensures comfort and good health. Since green amoles are very sensitive to the environment, the substrate that is used should be chosen carefully. In this article, we have provided all the relevant information regarding anole substrates and the best substrate for green anole.

Green Anole

Zoo Med Eco Carpet Reptile Terrarium Carpet

This is one of the best carpets for many species of insects, tortoise, lizards and snakes. The good thing with this carpet is that it is non-abrasive, absorbent and soft. When purchasing it, you should know that this is one of those carpets that can never be ingested by your pet hence making it the best carpet to acquire and keep your pet comfortable and healthy. Additionally, this substrate is easy to clean which makes it washable unlike many substrates in the market. You can easily get the size you want for the habitat size that you have chosen since the substrate is available in different sizes.

These sizes are also available in diverse colours like brown or even green to match the natural environment for the reptiles. When using the carpet, you are supposed to place it at the bottom of the tank. You should then place the furniture used for decoration as well as the water and food containers at the top. After using the carpet for a week, you should have it cleaned to eliminate the foul odour. After cleaning, the carpet should thoroughly be wiped and sprayed with terrarium safe cleaner. After spraying, the carpet should then be rinsed again and air dried after which it is returned to the terrarium.

Terrarium Liners

Terrarium liners are special carpets that are either green or brown in colour. The carpet is cut into the appropriate size that fits the terrarium and then fit at the terrarium base. The carpet is very fit for your green anole since it is made from non-abrasive materials that do not irritate sensitive skins. Additionally, the liners on the carpet are treated using biodegradable enzymes. The essence of this enzyme is to reduce the reptile odours. When you need to clean this carpet, you are only supposed to rinse in cold tap water.

After washing, it can then be air dried or dried under UV light or for a few hours and then taken back to the terrarium for use. You do not have to worry about young reptiles that may at times ingest carpet materials together with foods since this one is the most ideal for them. This makes it very safe for use on a variety of reptiles. The carpet provides one of the best environments close to the natural environment as possible. This makes the reptiles stay comfortable. Additionally, it ensures that the anole remains healthy all the time.

Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark

For the most natural feel, this carpet is the most appropriate. It is the perfect choice for your green anole since it is made from 100% natural products. Fir trees barks are used to make this carpet. When making the carpet, it is passed through three stages of cleaning which ensures that the large sticks, dirt and dust are eliminated. This leaves back small-sized particles that do not provide hiding places for the crickets.

Moreover, this carpet is ideal for the reptiles that love humid environments. This is because the carpet has hygroscopic properties where it easily absorbs moisture and then avails it to the surroundings when need be. The carpet has not been heat-treated which allows water retention and absorption by the barks. It provides natural digging properties hence simulating a more natural environment.


To ensure that your green anole is comfortable and healthy, you should ensure that you provide it with the most ideal environment. This can be done by looking or the best substrate that imitates a natural environment. However, different forms of substrates exist out there in the market. Here we do not want you to acquire an item that can ruin the life and health of your pet. That is why we have assembled a few best substrates that you can use for the best results